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Acetaia Oddolini is a small family farm certified organic, based in Cavezzo di Modena. The farm was born following the terrible earthquake of 2012 in Emilia. It is an innovative start-up that produces a real treasure of the territory: the Essence of Modena and other balsamic condiments..
For the Oddolini family it is very important to keep alive the tradition of the Modena area. Acetaia Oddolini guarantees the quality of its products and attributing to them a touch of authenticity.
The grapes of our production are certified organic and we also personally take care of the different stages of production. The result of all this is our exquisite Essence of Modena and the other balsamic condiments”.
The Essence of Modena is not only good, but it is also a healthy, genuine and artisanal product! It contains neither dyes, nor caramels nor preservatives.
It is also gluten-free and GMO free!