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Extra virgin olive oil also called EVO is one of the most used condiments in cooking and especially in Mediterranean cuisine. It is obtained from the pressing of healthy and fresh olives carried out exclusively with mechanical methods. The olives are harvested at the right degree of ripeness and cold-pressed as soon as possible after harvesting. The oil obtained is undoubtedly the best ever and is characterized by a very low acidity, a delicious aroma and a slightly spicy flavor. In particular, in order to be defined extra virgin, the degree of acidity must be less than 0.80% per 100 g of product, and the quality of the EVO oil is defined precisely on the basis of the degree of acidity.

The beneficial properties of extra virgin olive oil EVO derive above all from its richness in monounsaturated acids, which are essential for increasing HDL cholesterol (the so-called “good cholesterol”), responsible for the cleansing function of the arteries. In extra virgin olive oil there are also numerous other beneficial substances: anti-inflammatories that fight free radicals and prevent aging, antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols and squalene, all with anti-cancer properties.

At La Zira Golosa you can discover the most particular condiments, such as flavored oils and condiments based on spices and herbs. Flavored Oils are condiments based on extra virgin olive oil and Mediterranean plants, spices, dehydrated essences or aromas. Their infusion in extra virgin olive oil ensures fragrance and persistence to the aroma and taste.                                                                                                                 Flavored Oils and Condiments are many and have always intrigued and satisfied our customers even the most demanding ones!

How are they used? A few drops raw, before serving the dish, to enhance it and customize the final taste or more simply to add that ingredient you are missing right at that moment!

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